Shawn Mendes Got a Butterfly Bicep Tattoo After a Fan Suggested He Get a Butterfly Tattoo

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Shawn (Bae) Mendes just got a brand-new tattoo on the sacred stretch of skin known as his left bicep, and I’m freaking the f*ck out right now. The tattoo, which is pretty big TBH, is of a black monarch butterfly that’s half wing, half flowers. It’s a really cute work of art, but the story behind is even cuter, if you can believe it.

On Twitter, a fan posted an edit of Shawn with a butterfly tattoo, suggesting that he should high-key consider getting it inked on his arm. “Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. I rest my case,” she wrote, attaching two separate images of Shawn in a white tee, butterfly tatt edit on full display in both images. The fan made sure to mention that the actual drawing wasn’t hers in the post thread. The original drawing and design actually belongs to male tattoo artist, Mac Dreaper, who’s located in Santiago, Chile. Too bad the actual guy didn’t get to slap the ink on Shawn’s arm, but the love and respect for his craft was there regardless!

shawn mendes with a butterfly tattoo. i rest my case.

Shawn, beside himself with the excitement of a new tattoo prospect, actually went out of his way to DM the fan who made the edit. Not the other way around!!! “Can u send me a real photo of butterfly tattoo??” Shawn asked, double the question marks, so he could let this unsuspecting fan know that he was NOT messing around. What’s even more special is that this girl didn’t want Shawn to rush into getting the permanent tat. What a caring fan! Prepare to be blessed by their adorable text exchange in 3, 2, 1:

i love ONE man🥺

I honestly don’t know how this girl didn’t die from shock but nevertheless, words were exchanged and Shawn booked the very next appointment to get the ink done. The tattoo was done by Toronto-based tattoo artist, Livia Tsang, who thankfully took tons of photos of the finished result. (Literally, god bless her!) The rest, as they say, is history.

🦋🦋🦋 For the best @shawnmendes Based on an edit from a fan, original art by @macdreaper 💛

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Ok last one I promise Thank you @shawnmendes for making my work look cool 💛 📸 @josiahvandien

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To the fan who had the idea, the influence, the POWER to actually suggest this Shawn butterfly tattoo become a thing, tell us—how does it feel knowing you’re a living legend???

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