Shirley Ballas very excited to have mum Audrey, 84, move in with her and boyfriend Danny

Shirley Ballas visits hospital due to shoulder and arm injury

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Shirley Ballas, 61, revealed that her 84-year-old mum Audrey Rich, is moving in with her, and she couldn’t be more excited about the prospect. The Strictly Come Dancing judge currently lives with her boyfriend Danny Taylor, and she said she’s “not worried” about what he will think.

She’s very proud at 84, she has a routine every morning

Shirley Ballas

She and actor Danny met when doing panto together in 2018.

Audrey was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago, but Shirley confirmed it’s all “under control”.

In a new interview, the former dancer added: “She’s just informed me, ‘I think I’m ready to move in with you, darling…

“‘I have had enough of this housework!'” she laughed.

“She’s very proud at 84, she has a routine every morning.

“She gets up, those rollers go in, the hair gets quiffed, the make-up goes on.

“And she just said to me, ‘How would you feel about me moving in with you?’”

Shirley went on to gush over her mum, explaining that she’s been such a “huge part of my life”.

“I couldn’t think of anything more exciting,” she beamed before revealing her mum was a little concerned about Danny’s reaction.

“She said, ‘I’m a bit worried about what Danny will think?'” Shirley recalled.

“I said, ‘Well, I love him dearly but it’s not about what he thinks, it’s about what you want.’

“I’m honoured she chose not to go into a facility, and has chosen to live with me.”

But Shirley underestimated the amount of stuff her mother has and was determined to take with her.

“We are boxing her up, my house looks like a shop!” the judge exclaimed.

“I’ve got more ornaments, every shoe has a story, every piece of clothing has a story.

“I said maybe we could give this to Oxfam but, ‘No we have to take it all!'”

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