Stacey Solomon’s sister Jemma is successful businesswoman who works with Alan Sugar

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Stacey Solomon often tags her lookalike sister in her social media posts – recently laughing about the pair turning up to a playdate in the same outfit.

But when Jemma isn't messing around with her sister, she's a successful businesswoman who works with Lord Alan Sugar.

The Essex based mum of three runs a label company called The Label Lady, which has now secured investment from the famous businessman.

Jemma, 33, boasts 394k followers on her Instagram account and describes her business as creating fun, chic labels that are easy to apply everywhere from your home to your office to help organise your life.

Loose Women star Stacey, 31, is one of her biggest fans. Over the years, we’ve seen Stacey post about labelling everything from mason jars to the boxes in her kitchen cupboards.

Mum-of-three Jemma, who is also a paediatric nurse and party planner, recently told OK! that after many requests from her friends to make the decals, she decided to launch her business on Instagram under the name ' The Label Lady '.

"I've had the equipment in my home for a long time, as I customise balloons with the labels, and I do it for my kids and around my own home," she explained.

"People kept saying to me 'you should sell them', so I thought I'll give it a go. I know organisation is huge at the moment and I can provide them with a label, so I thought let's see what happens.

"It turns out the world loves labels! I'm really happy and grateful for the response, and also a little overwhelmed," she added.

Jenna admitted that she and sister Stacey were very alike when it came to keeping their homes tidy and shopping.

"We always laugh about things and we go out together a lot," she explained.

"I was in a department store the other day and I saw on social media where she was and it turned out that we are in the same shop. We had been there at the beginning of the week and had gone back separately!"

Jenna also said she thinks people are getting pleasure from turning their attention to cleaning.

"People used to think of cleaning as a chore and that it's mundane. Now they have made it fun,” Jenna explained.

She added: "Like Stacey says she gets a pleasure out of doing it. And when everything is lined up and you've seen that you've cleaned you think to yourself 'I've got something out of it'."

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