Strictly’s Hamza Yassin insists ‘not beating up’ partner Jowita

Strictly: Hamza Yassin imposes 'remember' ban on Jowita

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Hamza Yassin, 32, appeared on his dance partner, Jowita Przystal’s, Instagram story on Thursday evening after a frantic day. Jowita panned the camera down to her leg showing a painful-looking dark bruise on her right calf, while Hamza desperately spoke out to keep the record straight. 

Appearing on Instagram, the couple recapped their incredible day.

Jowita shared: “We had such a lovely day today. We started with Loose Women.

“So lovely. We had a really nice chat and time there. 

“Then we came here to Oti Mabuse’s studio! And we’re doing some rehearsals.”

Hamza added a slightly confident “it’s going well” before Jowita gave a sly smile and said: “But I need to show you something…”

The cameraman’s face dropped as he asked: “Oh God, what?”

Humming the tune of Jaws, the Strictly professional panned the camera downwards to her left leg. 

Hamza quickly jumped into frame, covering the bruise with his hand shouting: “Woah, woah! Time out!”

The Strictly fan-favourite insisted: “Listen, this is not me! That bruise was not me. 

“That happened accidentally when we are doing, what are they called? Gamchos. 

“It’s the whole little leg flicky kicky thing. I promise I’m not beating her up I promise!”

Jowita giggled adding: “The sacrifices for this dance.”

Hamza agreed saying: “The sacrifice that we do for dance is her feet.”

The new injury comes shortly after the couple shut down the idea that Hamza’s hair slaps Jowita while dancing. 

The couple were answering fan questions over Instagram while making the trip down to Blackpool last week. 

When one fan asked how often Jowita gets hit by Hamza’s iconic locks, she noted: “The answer is they never do unless he does it on purpose.”

Hamza added that he would have to “physically take (his) hair” and hit her with it intentionally.

The cameraman added: “Bare in mind I’ve had this hair for 17 years so I know what I’m doing, I know where it is. I’m used to it. 

“I’ve never stepped on it. I won’t step on it.

“Everyone thinks I’m walking around with my head, like, bent back, but in reality they’re super light.”

Jowita joked that Hamza has better control over his hair than his feet. 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday on BBC One at 7:15pm.

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