Strictly’s Ola and James Jordan ‘having best sex of our lives’ after 6.5 stone weight loss

Former Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola and James Jordan say they are having the "best sex" of their lives, following their combined 6.5 stone weight loss.

The couple lost the weight last year after a huge lifestyle change, and it appears to have done them wonders not just physically, but in the bedroom too.

As the couple prepare to celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary, 40 year old Ola has opened up about their sex life, saying she is a "very lucky girl."

The professional dancer told The Sun: "If I wear something sexier in the bedroom, it naturally gives you confidence.

"You’re also happier within yourself, so things improve around you, whether it be in the bedroom or your relationship."

She also admitted: "And James is fit. He always was fit. I’m a very lucky girl."

Last year the couple spoke openly about their weight loss journey, after a "wake-up call."

During an interview with Lorraine James, 45, explained "I couldn't do my shoelaces up" much to the shock of the TV host.

The dancer continued: "Genuinely. Bearing in mind, I'm a professional dancer, I had to sit down because my belly got in the way.

"When I bent forward, I used to get reflux, and I had brain fog!"

It had been a tough time for the couple as James' dad had passed away, and James said that they had started "comfort eating" as a result of the tragic loss.

He finished by explaining: "During lockdown, a lot of people got themselves in a very similar situation.

"Some people went the other way, super health freaks, and other people didn't."

Just before that appearance on the ITV daytime show, James and Ola sat down with OK! to discuss the impressive loss and how it has changed how they feel.

James said: "I have much more energy now I’m exercising and in control of what I’m eating. I used to have to sit down because I couldn’t lift my leg up to do my shoelaces, which is horrendous because I’m a dancer!

"I also used to have brain fog, and I don’t know if it was from the amount of sugar I was eating. Everything felt cloudy, and I’d have dizzy spells."

Away from fitness and dancing, the pair have three year old Ella together, who was born through IVF.

They have openly spoken about having another child, but they admitted that it is "not easy" due to their circumstances.

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