T.I. apologizes to wife and daughter following Kobe Bryant’s death

T.I. is feeling reflective in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s shocking death Sunday, and publicly apologizes to his wife and daughter to Instagram.

After penning a tribute to Bryant and the late Nipsey Hussle, T.I. returned to social media to profess his love for his wife and daughters.

“I love you Mrs H,” the rapper, born Clifford Harris, wrote to his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. “Imperfections, misunderstandings and all … we’ve shared most of the happiest moments of our lives together,” T.I. wrote. “I know I’ve had my moments, but … despite all my shortcomings & transgressions, the fact remains … you give me a thousand choices & I’d choose you every time.”

“I couldn’t imagine living in a world without you … or leaving you and the kids to have to live without me,” he added. “I’m determined to make you happy by any means necessary.”

In a separate post, addressed to his daughters, Harris, 39, wrote “I love you girls more than my vocabulary will allow me to express … Please forgive me for any and all imperfections that cause misunderstandings between us … You see, Life may throw us curveballs & deal us some pretty bad hands at times. But rest assured, you’ll NEVER find yourself in a place too high or low for me to be there to catch you when you fall.”

“Regardless of our discrepancies & misunderstandings, trust and believe I’ll do any and everything possible to help you perfect your gifts,” he wrote in a third post featuring his sons.

T.I.’s comments come just months after he faced significant backlash over comments he made about going to the gynecologist with his daughter Deyjah Harris to “verify” that she was still a virgin. He later clarified his comments on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, saying that while he “began from a place of truth,” he also “began to embellish and exaggerate” his comments.

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