Target Pride Brand Says Collection Pulled After Threats From 'Domestic Terrorists'


One of the brands who created some of Target’s Pride collection says their items have been yanked from brick-and-mortar stores … and they’re blaming “threats from domestic terrorists.”

The brand, Ash+Chess, says the majority of their products have been removed from Target stores following backlash.

ash and chess

The New York-based brand, which says it is “queer + trans owned,” says it’s saddened by what’s going down at some Target stores … where folks are destroying Pride displays.

Ash+Chess says … “Emotionally, we do not currently have the bandwidth to comment further on this. We appreciate your support and love. Queer and trans people exist in the past, present, and future, and we are stronger together. We love you all.”

ash and chess

While Target apparently yanked the brand’s products from storefronts, the collection is still available online as of this post.

Some of the Pride items from Ash+Chess include beanies, cards, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, posters and calendars … and they mostly celebrate being queer and trans.

ash and chess

As you know, there’s a boycott targeting the nationwide chain over its decision to feature LGBTQ apparel and other items, a boycott that’s cost Target $9 billion and counting.

Target employees are being harassed and people are up in arms … and some folks are taking the hatred too far.

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