The Invincible<\/em> Train Scene Is One of the Darkest Superhero Moments Ever

The following story contains spoilers for the Invincible Season 1 finale.

The good news: there’s going to be a season 2 (and season 3) of Amazon Prime’s hit superhero animated series Invincible. The bad news: the lasting memory of the finale may be the darkest and most deranged moment in the entire superhero genre of film or television. The show’s finale, titled “WHERE I REALLY COME FROM,” contains what can only be described as the Invincible train scene. And anyone who’s seen it will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Quick recap for anyone who hasn’t seen (or for those with a weak stomach): the Invincible finale served as the culmination of the entire first season, which began with the major twist of Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson (JK Simmons), ostensibly Earth’s greatest hero, killed all of the Guardians of the Globe (basically the Justice League). Nolan’s 17-year-old son, Mark (Steven Yeun), got superpowers of his own, and became a hero going by the name Invincible. While others—including Debbie, Mark’s mother and Nolan’s wife—figured Nolan’s guilt out over the course of the season, it took until the finale for Mark to figure it out. And it meant a violent, wild, and most notably, heart-wrenching fight between father and son in the season finale.

But the scene of note took things to a different level. And it’s something that…really, could only even be as bearable as it was (and it was seriously fucked up!) because the show is animated, and not live action. To show viewers just how strong and powerful these two beings are, Nolan held his son’s head out in front of an oncoming train like a battering ram. “Maybe this time you’ll learn,” he says, just before Mark’s slightly bloodied face splits the train right down the middle, eyes, lungs, intestines, and all sorts of blood and gore flying everywhere. The train flips off the tracks, and it is just dark.

As some, including a Twitter user named @nerdwopinions, have noted, this marks a major change, which never really shows the damage and lack of regard for human life that Omni-Man and the Viltrumites really have.

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