The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust’s pro-Sussex, anti-colonialist CEO was ousted

Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were thrown off of all of their royal patronages and honorary positions given to them by the Queen. The Queen had made Harry and Meghan president and vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and they had been something like roving Commonwealth Youth ambassadors for the short time they were part of the QCT. They had the full support of the QCT’s chief executive, Nicola Brentnall. Brentnall apparently agreed with the Sussexes that part of the QCT’s purview should be addressing the history of British colonialism, especially since (derp) colonialism is the whole reason why the “commonwealth” exists. Well, Brentnall was apparently pushed out. And because people love to make asses out of themselves, someone provided some ridiculous quotes to the Eden Confidential column in the Daily Mail:

Just six weeks after Prince Harry and Meghan were stripped of their cherished roles as president and vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, I hear of another dramatic departure. I can disclose that the group’s chief executive, Nicola Brentnall, has left her role amid claims that she was too much of a ‘cheerleader’ for the California-based Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Brentnall is also said to have caused anger by her involvement in Harry and Meghan’s infamous video chat last summer when they linked the Queen’s beloved Commonwealth to slavery.

‘It’s fair to say that some important people felt it was better that she moved on,’ a source tells me. ‘We are an organisation that’s meant to celebrate the Commonwealth, yet she was letting, or even encouraging, Harry and Meghan to make it sound like we’re some backward movement stuck in a racist, colonial past.’

In their video call with young leaders, the Sussexes said the Commonwealth must acknowledge past ‘wrongs’ in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, even if it is ‘uncomfortable’, as they discussed historical injustice, unconscious bias and racism. They claimed that otherwise it would be impossible for the ‘family of nations’ to progress. This enraged courtiers, who pointed out that the Commonwealth was an organisation member states had joined voluntarily and had no ‘uncomfortable’ past. The Queen is head of the Commonwealth and sees it as one of the greatest successes of her reign.

A spokesman insists that Brentnall’s time as boss has not been cut short.

‘In 2016, Nicola Brentnall committed to serve for five years as chief executive of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. With the team, she has taken the organisation from inception to being a recognised and respected youth organisation, ready to expand its grant-making and support programme to the next level. Happily, she remains with us in a consulting role until June and will always be a member of Team QCT.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“Yet she was letting, or even encouraging, Harry and Meghan to make it sound like we’re some backward movement stuck in a racist, colonial past…” These salty white folks are really out here acting like the “real problem” is anyone mentioning racism and colonialism huh?? Every time these people speak, it’s a reminder of the parallel universe in which the British press and British monarchy operates, like no one will ever call them on their bullsh-t. So parochial. But whatever, this goes along with everything else – apparently, no one is allowed to be friends with Harry and Meghan anymore, or share the same frame of reference with H&M. And no one can ever, EVER mention racism. Ever.

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