Travis Scott Allegedly Flipped Off Sound Engineer Before Attacking Him

The sound engineer who Travis Scott allegedly attacked in an NYC club says the rapper flipped him the bird and socked him in the head, landing him in the hospital with injuries.

Identifying himself only as Mark, the engineer spoke with Fox 5 News from his hospital bed after the alleged assault at Club Nebula in Manhattan early Wednesday morning.

Mark said he can’t turn his head and “My neck is f**ked up. My arm is tingling. I have pins and needles going down it.”

He also described the events that led to the violence, saying Travis was playing the DJ music so loud the sound was distorted. When Mark tried to lower the volume, he said Travis flew into a rage.

Travis “stuck his middle finger in my face,” Mark said, adding, “So I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me.”

As we reported … Travis made a surprise appearance at the club Tuesday night to perform with his protege, Don Toliver.

After Travis had his meltdown in the DJ booth, he purportedly attacked the sound engineer and caused $12,000 in damage to a speaker and video screen, before leaving the club.

The NYPD now wants to question Travis after a police report was filed alleging that he committed assault and criminal mischief.

Travis’ lawyer, Mitchell Schuster, told us the incident was “a misunderstanding being blown out of proportion by clickbait and misinformation.”

Schuster also said he’s working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve the situation and believes Travis will be “cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Stay tuned.

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