Tristan Thompson's Alleged Side Piece Claims He Messaged Her Multiple Times In The Last Few Weeks!

If all this really is true, and Tristan Thompson turns out to have been messaging a side piece here in 2021, the NBA star has a LOT of explaining to do!

Instagram model Sydney Chase is doubling down on claims she made earlier this month about Khloé Kardashian‘s baby daddy — namely, that she hooked up with him. And now, we’re learning he allegedly, RECENTLY messaged Chase multiple times. Oh, no…

As you’ll recall, she first dished about the Boston Celtics star during an interview she gave that went public on April 22. In that interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Chase initially claimed the pair “talked,” and “hung out a couple times,” even going out together and hooking up after he told her he was “single.”

Now, Chase is adding fuel to the fire by confirming her own prior allegations about Thompson and providing some key dates all the same. In a series of messages posted to TikTok on Monday evening, the spurned lover wrote (below):

“Yes the Tristan rumors are true. The last time we had contact — besides when he messaged me after finding out about the interview, it was the day after his daughter’s birthday party.”


That was earlier this month, when Khloé threw that massive birthday celebration for True Thompson, who is now 3 years old, and whom she shares with Tristan.

But to know the basketball star was allegedly messaging her just one day after celebrating his love for the daughter he made with Khloé… Ugh! So tacky! (If the allegations are true, of course.)

For what it’s worth, Tristan did NOT attend True’s birthday party on April 12; he was out of town at a road NBA game. Yeah…

BTW, the 23-year-old Instagram model also acknowledges her regret for sharing personal information about Tristan during that bombshell initial interview days ago — like where she claimed he was “uncircumcised” and had “a peek-a-boo d**k.”

She also alleged that at the time they first met, she’d asked him multiple times before hooking up to confirm that he wasn’t with anybody — and every time, the NBA star allegedly told her he was single. Ooooooh boy…

Walking back some of those eye-popping statements but confirming her allegations against Tristan, Chase shared new news on TikTok, saying (below):

“In this interview, I was asked a question by my friend Hayden which I answered honestly. However, I did disclose personal information about Tristan. That’s not okay and I shouldn’t have done that. Me answering the question about our past relations, that is true. We did have past relations; I then found out he was in a relationship and I ended things. In the interview, things got misconstrued while we were drinking. We first met November — November 11th to be exact — and that’s when everything started.”

Wow. That’s a very specific date to pick! Just saying!

And that’s also an EXPLICIT commitment to confirming she and Tristan DID have “past relations.” Not good!

Obviously, though, even more concerning than the date in question are the cheating allegations and the recent messages! Reaching out to her the day after True’s third birthday earlier this month and then again in the last week after that train-wreck interview aired?!

Tristan, boo, what are you thinking?? You gotta cut this s**t out if you ever want to truly, fully get back with Khloé!

Just saying!!!

What do U make of these cheating claims, Perezcious readers?! And the message rumors??

Sound OFF with your reaction down in the comments (below)! Oh, and you can see Chase’s TikTok allegations for yourself right HERE!

P.S. Os it just us, or does Sydney Chase kind of look like a KarJenner woman, too?? Tristan must have a type… Sorry, had to go there!

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