Unwashed Jake Gyllenhaal wore white at the Venice Film Festival links

Jake Gyllenhaal’s dirty, unbathed ass was in Venice too. [RCFA]
Mindy Kaling posted a photo of her son Spencer, aka Spike. [Buzzfeed]
Mark Hamill just tweeted his own name & got thousands of likes. [Seriously OMG]
California could have gender neutral toy aisles. [Towleroad]
Awkwafina’s very odd mullet dress. [GFY]
Matt Smith’s hair is pretty glorious these days. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Happy birthday to Virgo Queen Jodie Turner-Smith.[Dlisted]
Explaining the end of Netflix’s Clickbait (spoilers). [Pajiba]
I also use a claw clip and I love them. But I am an Xennial. [Jezebel]
Sebastian Stan is hanging out in Madrid with his girlfriend. [JustJared]
A review of Cool Ranch Doritos. [Gawker]

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