Vampire Diariess Kat Graham admits lying about age for career before getting found out

Kat Graham discusses The Vampire Diaries' new season

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Kat Graham has opened up on her varied career as an actress and singer, revealing she used to lie about her age in order to perform. Speaking exclusively to, the Hollywood actress recalled how her career started as well as addressing her performance at Pride in London earlier this year.

So I’d lie about my age, and I’d get a little bit farther and then I’d get found out.

Kat Graham

When asked about her singing and acting career, the Vampire Diaries star said it was like “a horse that keeps bucking me and I keep falling off.”

Kat explained: “And then I’ll just grab whatever horse I can get on and then I ride down a little bit farther and then get bumped off that one and jump on the next one I can get on.

“So that’s been my career.

“I did back up dancing, but I was underage.

“So I couldn’t really go on tour like I wanted to with all the artists because I was a minor.”

The singer revealed that she came up with a genius way to get around it.

Kat said: “So I’d lie about my age, and I’d get a little bit farther and then I’d get found out.

“Then I eventually was booking some stuff as a guest star, I did a lot of Disney stuff.”

She revealed she started making music as she entered her teenage years as a switch from acting.

The star went on: “I didn’t really start music until I was about 13 or 14 and started making my own beats.

“I wasn’t necessarily interested in being an artist, I just wanted to be a music producer.

“So I have a degree in engineering producing and made a bunch of records long before I thought that I would do anything with them,” Kat said.

Elsewhere in the chat, the singer spoke about her performance at Pride in London, saying: “It’s such an honour for me because I spend a lot of time in London, my father’s African but was in London, London based for many years.

“So I grew up listening to a lot of spice girls and Craig David and different artists like Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

“I was always really inspired by UK Music, UK artists to step UK garage,” she added.

Kat continued: “But for me, London is like one of the most important cities in the world and you have been invited to perform at such an impactful festival that is about human rights and equality is such an honour.

“It’s different than getting invited to do, you know, a little show or something like that.

She explained: “It’s like, ‘hey, we think that you are, your voice, is important enough to put you on stage.’

“And for me, I think that’s the greatest honour, because everyone that the team put on stage are people that have a history within the community,” she added.

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