Viral Plane Lady Returns To Airport – And Has An Eerie Answer About What She Saw!

Tiffany Gomas is back at the airport, but not without “a little bit of anxiety.”

The 38-year-old went viral last month after having a having a “freakout” in which she yelled about needing to get off — and notably screamed “that motherf**ker back there is not real.” Well, she’s back to air travel after trying to “lay low” for the past few weeks.

On Monday, TMZ cameramen caught up with the now-famous woman at LAX, where she had just landed from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the same place where she had her initial incident — but don’t worry, this time nothing went down. She told the reporter it’s “great” to be traveling again after being tossed off that time. But oddly enough, she STILL wouldn’t reveal what she saw that day to cause such an intense reaction… and even more odd, she alluded to the fact that her discretion is beyond her control! She explained:

“I have been told that I can’t comment on it right now. I’m sorry.”

What?? Seriously, what’s going on here?!

Like, she was told by a lawyer to keep quiet? By the airline? Or by the Men In Black?? Her video will never not be scary until she finally lets us all in on what she saw, right? And that may be coming…

The cameraman asked if we can expect to see a tell-all interview at some point in the future, to which Gomas responded:

“The rate it’s going, I feel like it’s gonna have to happen.”

Inneresting. She then alluded to some of the work she’s doing for cyber bullying that she touched on in her apology:

“There’s some things in the works, mostly nonprofit charity stuff, but I’ve been trying to lay low.”

However, when asked what the reason for her wanting to get off that flight so bad, Gomas played coy once more:

“Again, can’t speak on that right now. But, I was distressed and I was getting off the plane no matter what, I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made. But I was getting off that plane. For sure.”

See the full vid, in which Tiffany is totally lucid and NOT seeing anything that isn’t there (below):

This is seriously such a bizarre situation. We’re looking forward to hearing her clarify it all in the future.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? What are your cleverest — or creepiest — guesses about what she saw that day? Let us know in the comments down below.

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