Vogue Williams reveals terrifying moment stranger shouted at her to ‘get in car’ on way to work

Vogue Williams has revealed that she experienced a harrowing abduction attempt recently, while heading to work last Sunday.

The 36 year old, who recently enjoyed a holiday with husband Spencer, was embarking on her presenting job at Heart Radio studios in Leicester Square, when a man in a nearby vehicle ordered her “get in the f***king car.”

Recalling the traumatic incident on her podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, with Joanne McNally, Vogue discussed the ordeal in detail.

“It made me feel really worried about girls walking around Leicester Square, it really freaked me out," she said.

"We never do anything serious and I wasn’t going to mention this, but something happened to me on Sunday morning and it scared the s*** out of me.

“I go to Heart on Sunday mornings, and I’m never walking to the station on my own again.

“So, it was around five o’clock in the morning and I was walking over to Heart and this man goes "oi" and he was in this car, he was a kind of big man.

“And he was like, "Get in the car! Get in the f***ing car'.”

Vogue described playing off her panic enough to say, "'Hang on one second, I'm just getting my phone"' – before making a dash for it.

Although she got away, the Irish presenter remembered feeling worried that the stranger, who was sitting in his car at the time, might chase after her down the street.

This terrifying moment has continued to trouble Vogue when she thinks back on it, she revealed on the podcast.

“I remember what he looks like, and it scared the c**p out of me,” she said.

“It just made me think, and I know we shouldn’t think like that, but I just want to say it, but what if I had had a drink that night and I had no real sense in my mind and I’d gone over to just be like 'What are you saying?' or something like that.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t even tell me about it,” co-host Joanne responded, concerned.

“I wouldn't have thought something like that would have ever scared me," Vogue added.

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“Just like somebody shouting at me to get in their car, but I just thought, ‘F***, if I hadn’t had my wits about me’, and just legged it.

“That's my one warning that I wanted to tell people to just be really, really careful because you hear about stuff in the news all the time, but you never really think that somebody is going around doing that kind of mad s***.”

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