You Wont Be Okay After Reading Travis' Musing About Kourtney's "Skull"

Today in Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are doing the most, Travis just revealed that he’d wants…*checks notes*….Kourtney’s literal skull. As in, he captioned his latest Instagram of them kissing with, quite literally, “I want your skull 💀.” Meanwhile, Kourtney responded with the also totally normal “I need your skull.”

Not sure what Kourtney and Travis want to do with each other’s skulls, but I am in no way okay. Also, please note that this photo was taken at a Disneyland, am I’m not sure Mickey Mouse or his friends ever asked for this.

Obviously, Kourtney and Travis are super serious (on a scale of 1 to 10 they’re clearly at Wanting Each Other’s Skulls, so), and Us Weekly claims they might get engaged soon. Over the summer, a source told the outlet that “An engagement could be right around the corner for Kourtney and Travis. The engagement would be very over the top since Travis loves impressing her. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took place at their favorite place in the world, Disneyland, in front of the kids and family.”

Obviously, this above Instagram did, in fact, take place at Disneyland, but pretty sure we’d have found out already if skull-wanting was code for an engagement. Either way, Kourtney and Travis are clearly super happy—and considering the Kardashians are currently in the middle of filming their new Hulu show, it’s possible we’ll get a behind the scenes look at their relationship once the show airs at a date TBD. Or not considering Kourtney infamously doesn’t enjoy filming. Either way!

Kay, off to find someone who wants my skull, I guess.

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