15 Eye-Catching Stunts Pulled By Europe's Most Disruptive Climate Activists

Since last year, activists with the climate activism group Extinction Rebellion have been grabbing headlines across Europe for their disruptive protests. Founded on the principle of using nonviolent civil disobedience, they intend to force people to pick a side: address climate change or cooperate with a system that is dragging the world towards catastrophe.

While they’ve been getting their name and message out there with their activities in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, and elsewhere, winning over converts in small groups with their vision of change is what’s caused their numbers to swell, BuzzFeed News’ J. Lester Feder reports.

Here are some of the most eye-catching pictures from their protests, demonstrations, rallies, and actions around the world.

Protestors from Extinction Rebellion walk through Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, South West England, on June 27, 2019

Participants of a funeral march called by the groups WGT-Guide and Extinction Rebellion-Leipzig to protest mass extinction.

Climate change activists practice yoga on Waterloo Bridge during the Extinction Rebellion protest in London

A protester kneels next to German police during a protest of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) Berlin group who chained themselves to a fence of the Chancellery

School children hold placards and shout slogans during a demonstration outside the South African Parliament

A man dressed as the Grim Reaper during an action of the Extinction Rebellion movement in Germany.

Extinction Rebellion activists demand more action from EU governments during the annual Open Day at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels

Extinction Rebellion blocks traffic on 8th Avenue in front of the New York Times building

Demonstrators in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

A climate change activist is detained during the Extinction Rebellion protest at Waterloo Bridge in London

Activists from Extinction Rebellion chained to the fence of the Federal Chancellery in Germany

German police breaks the chains around the necks of climate activists in Berlin

A climate change activist lies on the roof of a DLR train at Canary Wharf station during in London

Part of a demonstration in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Members of Extinction Rebellion (XR) gather after spilling fake blood on the steps of the Trocadero Esplanade in Paris.

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