15 Grandparents Who Didn't Want Pets And Came Around Fast

1.This grandpa who had good reason to go knocking on some doors:

2.This grandma who just wanted to dance:

3.These grandparents who make sure their cat feels included:

4.This grandma who gave a lucky turtle some warmth:

5.This grandpa who should just admit his love for cats now:

6.This grandpa who’s shifting to the right side of history:

7.This grandpa who found a cuddle partner:

“My grandpa during his entire life: I don’t like dogs and I don’t want them in my house.

It’s been two years since I adopted a dog and took it home even though no wanted it.

My grandpa for two years:”

8.This grandpa who has quite the family now:

9.This grandpa who moved his dislike for cats aside when one was in need:

10.This grandma who looked off into the distance with her kitty:

“My grandma: I don’t want any cats here. I don’t like the hair.

Also my grandma:”

11.This grandma that didn’t take long to fall in love:

12.This grandpa who pet their buddy from a distance:

“My grandpa: I don’t want animals in the house.

Also my grandpa:”

13.This grandma who shared some couch space with her bestie:

14.This grandma who opened her heart up to this baby:

15.And finally, this grandpa who made sure to stock up for his best bud:

“Grandpa Bob: I don’t want cats in this house.

Also Grandpa Bob:”

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