16 People Who Have Very Odd, Yet Very Fascinating Talents

1.This girl who can push her belly button in and out:

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I still think it's weird that I can pull my belly button out

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2.This guy who can pour drinks with his forehead:

3.This girl who can neatly eat corn on the cob like this:

4.This girl who can play the piano upside down:

5.The person who can peel an orange like this:

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One of my many useless talents 🍊 #uselesstalent

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6.This girl who can do this with her fingers:

7.And this girl who can do this with her toes:

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#somuchtothinkabout #strangetalents

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8.This person who can make a rose on a roll of toilet paper:

9.This person who can stack apples:

10.And this person who can make eggs stand up:

11.This boy who can fit a sucker in each nostril:

12.This girl who can drink with her legs behind her head:

13.This boy whose finger can stretch to the back of his hand:

14.And this girl whose arm can reach down her back:

15.This girl who can make her tea towel look like a baby at a glance:

16.And this guy who can hold groceries with his booty:

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