17 Places People Think Are Actually Kinda Overrated To Visit

Recently a Reddit thread asked users, “What place is overrated to visit?”

The thread got a lot of comments. While a lot of them made sense to me, others were actually a little surprising. Here are a few of these ~bold~ opinions:

1.The Hollywood Walk of Fame In Los Angeles

“People imagine the Hollywood Walk of Fame to be crawling with celebrities, lined with movie studios, and filled with monuments. It’s 100% over-glamorized.”


2.Times Square in New York

“Although it’s cool to see all the lights, it’s honestly just glorified ads everywhere you look. There’s nothing really special about it.”


3.Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border

“The falls themselves are beautiful, but once you’ve seen it there’s nothing else to do.”


4.Roswell, New Mexico

“Whatever expectation you have of Roswell, New Mexico — it’s worse.”


5.The Taj Mahal in India

“Yes, it’s beautiful, but it’s also overcrowded, which ruins the serenity. Plus, everything that there is to see is visible on the pictures you’ve seen a thousand times before.”


6.The Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Italy

“It’s just a small square with the tower where everyone is taking the same dumb joke pic.”


7.The Four Corners in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado

“It’s hours away from anything notable and there isn’t really anything to do there except take a picture.”


8.Las Vegas, Nevada

“It was cool to see the themed hotels, but besides that, it was just an overpriced, soulless city without culture designed to entertain you.”


9.Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

“It’s basically just faces on a rock, and it’s smaller than you think.”


10.Bali in Indonesia

“It was beautiful 10 years ago, but now it’s been ruined by influencers.”


11.Bourbon Street in New Orleans

“It’s really just the same as any other bar district in any other large city around the world. It’s the same old cover bands playing the same old songs that you’d hear anywhere.”


12.Bondi Beach near Sydney

“It’s overcrowded and everything there is way overpriced.”


13.Temple Bar in Dublin

“It’s ridiculously overpriced and is not at all what a real Irish bar is like.”


14.Mall of America in Minnesota

“It just a mall with a lot of stuff in it.”


15.Sears Tower in Chicago

“If you want to have a nice view of the city, it’s way better to go to the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock Center.”



“It’s very flashy, but I could not find the words to describe how soulless and uninteresting the place is.”


17.Stonehenge in Britain

“It’s literally just big rocks.”


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

So do you have any places that you think are overrated to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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