19 Times Tom Hanks Was Peak Tom Hanks On Social Media

You know Tom Hanks — aka America’s dad.

What you may not know is that his Twitter account is one of the funniest and most wholesome places on the internet, and it exudes Big Dad Energy.

1.Like the time he pretended he got a new car:

2.And refused to let that joke die:

3.The time he wore his shadow better than anyone else ever could:

4.When he shamelessly moved his book to the top of the bookshelf — where it 100% belongs:

5.The time he found his missing brush:

6.When he showed off his new beach clothes in the best way possible:

7.When he took a selfie with this guy’s Woody tattoo:

8.The time he made this joke about a sofa getting a parking ticket:

9.When he found somebody’s “stats” in the park:

10.One of the many times he proved he was husband of the century:

11.The time he introduced the internet to some ~quality~ NYC art:

12.When he thought about switching careers:

13.The time he welcomed any and all tips:

14.The time he almost spotted Pennywise:

15.When he wished the late Mr. Rogers a happy birthday with a smol crochet figurine:

16.The time he found the scariest-looking building ever:

17.The time he made a couple of new friends:

18.When he teased his greatest reappearance of all time:

19.And of course, every time he signed his tweets “Hanx” even though he’s the only one who ever posts from his account:

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