20 Meals People Had The Nerve To Make While They Were High Out Of Their Mind

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest meal they’ve eaten while they were high. Here were their responses:

1.“‘Sauteed’ canned tuna with barbeque sauce, ‘garnished’ with chocolate chips. Yup.”


2.“When I was 20 my then girlfriend (now wife) stated that my go-to 2 a.m. stoner pizza was the most vile thing she had seen someone eat more than once; the delicious and elusive ‘shrimp and pineapple on a creamy ranch base.'”


3.“Mac and cheese with lemon squirted on top.”


4.“Got high. Got the munchies. Didn’t have food. Remembered that I spilled tomato sauce on my hoodie earlier that day. Sucked on the spill for like 10 minutes ’til I couldn’t taste it anymore. A very proud moment for me.”


5.“Crunchy Cheetos and white frosting from a can!”


6.“Pizza-flavored Pringles with a line of spray cheese down the center, and Goldfish Crackers stuck to said cheese line. Sounds kind of awful now, but at the time it was delicious!”


7.“Ramen on pizza.”


8.“Tortillas with grape jelly.”


9.“I squirted easy cheese on a gingerbread man and ate it.”


10.“Got stoned with a girl from my high school. We made brownies with French fries baked into them.”


11.“Pot roast and sweet tarts.”


12.“Twizzlers and string cheese washed down by some Ben and Jerry’s. It was surprisingly good.”


13.“Spaghetti and hummus.”


14.“Glazed donut and ketchup. Yum.”


15.“Spray cheese on sour patch kids. Wouldn’t recommend.”


16.“I once had fried rice but in scoop tortilla chips.”


17.“My husband had croutons he drowned in caesar dressing, then drank coffee creamer to wash it all down.”


18.“Applesauce with shredded cheese mixed in.”


19.“Pepperoni pizza dipped in chocolate pudding.”



20.“My step dad used to eat plain Pringles and sprinkle purple Kool-Aid powder on them.”


Some submissions have been edited for clarity and grammar.

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