23 Pictures 99% Of Millennials And 0% Of Gen Zers Will Be Able To Hear

1.The click of the wheel before you took another picture:

2.The loudest sound known to humankind:

3.That “ding” when the logo showed up:

4.The dial-up tone followed by the robotic “you’ve got mail”:

5.The crinkle of the inside of a VHS case:

6.That static-y sound:

7.The most exciting eight words in the english language:

8.The door opening and door closing sound effect of AIM:

9.And that chime you heard when you got a message:

10.The truly epic startup sound of a Playstation:

11.The peaceful tones of the Windows XP screen while logging in:

12.The uncomfortable squeaky plastic-y sound of inflatable furniture:

13.The soulful rendition of the Krusty Krab pizza song:

14.The lyrics to this absolute banger:

15.The zzz-klack of these magnets:

16.This guy’s unmistakable accent:

17.The high pitched click clack of Mr. Krabs walking:

18.“One, a two-HOO, ah-three”:

19.The fart noise these tapes made when you took them out or put them in:

20.The sensual tones of Dexter speaking french:

21.This couple arguing about how hot it was outside:

22.Miss Cleo’s iconic “call me now”:

23.The rhyme you’ll never get out of your head:

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