23 Strange Bodily Reactions People Have That'll Make You Say "Whaaaat"

Recently we ask the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a weird thing their body does sometimes. Here are some of their responses!


“Sometimes I do it just to make my husband cringe.”



“I’ll always have to pee right after turning my computer on. Every. Single. Time. I’ll sit down, press the power button, and as soon as it happens, I have to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”



“In movies or in real life. Started with The Sound Of Music as a child.”



“The end of my little finger wobbles as though it’s not attached to the rest of my finger, almost like when you ping a ruler on the side of the table.”



“For over a year I would violently throw up every Sunday and Wednesday, it would last for hours, to the point where I would be throwing up blood. It didn’t matter what I ate, or what I did, it was like clockwork. The doctors ran dozens of tests on me and could not figure it out, and then one day it just stopped. We still don’t know what caused it.”





“My legs itch whenever I brush my teeth, like it doesn’t matter where I’m brushing my teeth it always happens and I have to rub my legs together so that I don’t feel the itch.”



“It was so weird, he never knew until I pointed it out.”



“For as long as I remember, I shed one tear at night randomly before I go to sleep. It happened for about three solid years in a row in the ’00s.”





“My eyeballs get cold. Yeah. I don’t know why or how it happens but sometimes my eye balls start to feel chilly and even when I blink I can feel the coldness on the inside of my eyelids. Probably has to do with the fact I’m anaemic and don’t take my iron tablets but at least I have built-in eyeball blankets, AKA my eyelids.”



“If I get really angry, my nostrils itch so unbelievably bad!! And not being able to stop the itch only makes me more angry lol.”





“If I scratch my stomach, my right leg twitches.”



“I have long nails and if I bend it a certain way the tip of my tongue tingles.”





“I sneeze when I’m very, very hungry and my mom sneezes when she’s overly full. Apparently the same part of your brain that signals hunger or fullness is the same part that signals you to sneeze.”



“I don’t know what it is, but whenever I’m ~in the mood~ and I see something hot, my nose just starts to tickle uncontrollably.”



“Whenever I’m cooking and using the stove, my feet get cold and itchy.”



“I sneeze more than five times when I wake up.”



“Only McDonald’s.”



“My mom, sister, and I all get something we call ‘Nauseous Leg Syndrome’ when we are on our periods. It feels like our legs are nauseous! It’s so strange. The rest of our bodies will feel fine, but our legs feel like they are about to throw up.



“Meanwhile I found out that this is an actual phenomenon called ‘Mariko Aoki phenomenon’. There‘s even a Wikipedia article about this!”


Some entries have been edited for length/clarity.

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