A Kate Moss biopic is in the works, and we honestly cannot wait

Moss & Freud – the new Kate Moss biopic – sounds like it is going to be absolutely brilliant. Here’s what you need to know about the new film. 

The biopic is well and truly having a moment right now, and little wonder: the genre – which seeks to bring to life the stories of some of history’s most interesting and infamous characters – can often generate a lot of awards buzz for an actor.

Much of the time, though, one can’t help but wonder how the celebrity subjects of these films might feel about them, particularly if they aren’t involved in the creative process at all. And that’s why we’re excited about the fact that the one and only Kate Moss is telling her own story in her own way (and in her own words, too).

That’s right, everyone: the supermodel is serving as the executive producer on the upcoming biopic about her fabulous fashion-filled life.

Here’s what you need to know, then, about Moss & Freud.

What is Moss & Freud all about?

Rather than chart Moss’s career throughout the years, this film is focused on one very specific moment in her life.

It takes us back to 2002, when she – pregnant with her daughter, Lila – sat nude for the artist Lucian Freud, resulting in the now-iconic painting that went on to sell for £3.9 million at Christie’s.

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“Sitting for Lucian was an honour and incredible experience,” says Moss.

“Having been involved in the project and script development from the beginning I am now very excited to see the film come to life.”

Who will star in Moss & Freud?

Directed by Oscar winner James Lucas, the film sees Ellie Bamber (of Les Misérables fame) step into Moss’s spiky-heeled shoes for this exciting new biopic.

Responding to the casting news, Moss said: “As this is such a personal story of mine, it has been essential that I be involved with James [Lucas, the director] in all aspects as the project has developed.

“I am thrilled by the recent casting and excited that the film will begin shooting soon. I cannot wait to see it.” 

Ellie Bamber previously starred in Les Misérables.

What are people saying about Moss & Freud?

Speaking about the project in a statement, Lucas said: “In many ways, I believe all paths led me to make this film. Its topography, emotional and psychological drama, bohemianism, beauty, characters and artistic process all align with my life and the way I have lived it. So much so, I symbolically begun writing the screenplay in Lucian’s studio, the scent of his oil paint still lingering in the air.”

He adds: “I’m grateful to Kate Moss and the Freud estate for entrusting me with this precious and unconventional love story. It allows our diverse audience to take a look behind the curtain and see, truthfully, what makes these cultural titans tick.

“Not only will they find incongruity but, perhaps surprisingly, a type of commonality that is threaded through all of us.”

When can we watch Moss & Freud?

Moss & Freud has yet to begin shooting, so we highly doubt we will see it in cinemas before the year is out. Obviously, though, we will be sure to bring you further details as and when they’re announced.

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