A Woman Rescued One Of Her AirPods From The Subway Tracks And It's A Triumph Of The Human Spirit

Twitter user and true inspiration Ashley Mayer experienced a tragedy that could only be experienced in the 21st century: she lost one of her AirPods while waiting for the subway.

My actual reaction upon reading this:

Mayer, who, according to her Twitter bio, lives in New York and works in Communications at Glossier, seemed to come to terms with her loss…

UNTIL she discovered her fallen soldier was still there the next day!!!

So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She should change her last name to MacGyver IMHO.

Ashley unfortunately did not provide footage of the actual rescue mission, but I provided this diagram of what I think it might have looked like:

In the meantime: Ashley, we salute you. Keep enjoying those podcasts!

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