A24's Second Official Trailer for 'Talk To Me' Hints at Greater Demonic Presences

A24 is showing no signs of stopping when it comes to churning out horror hits after hits. The upcoming thriller will make bored teens think twice about doing anything they can to relieve their boredom and maybe even give communing with the dead a second thought.

Talk to Me sees thrill-seeking teens get more than they bargain for when the attend a seance to call for the dead. A group of teens gather and explore the depths of realms way beyond their comprehension by holding a dead hand and reciting a sample incantation. As they experiment conversing with spirits and even having them take over their bodies, the game shows that the repercussions are boundless. Described to be a blood-curling thriller, Talk to Me captivates audiences with a chaotic yet immersive and visceral cinematic experience.

YouTube sensation duo Danny and Micahel Philippou (aka RakkaRakka) make their directorial film debut. The film was debuted at the 2023 Sundance Festival and received rave reviews by critics. The cast stars Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen and Otis Dhanji. Both trailers give a glimpse of the demonic powers that loom over the teens as a game they hoped would relieve their boredom goes awry.

Watch the second trailer above and the first one below.

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