Afield Out Spring 2021 Takes Cues From California's Deserts

California’s Afield Out draws inspiration from its teams’ frequent hikes, treks and adventure for each seasonal capsule, yielding approachably casual goods elevated by an appreciation for the outdoors. Still mostly sequestered at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the label took inspiration for Spring 2021 from its home state, where it designs, develops and produces almost all of its goods.

Specifically, Afield Out took cues from California’s various Southern deserts, including the Colorado, Mojave and Great Basin. All of these arid landscapes are home to unique natural treasures and life, many of which inform the Spring 2021 collection. For instance, scorpions and Death Valley cacti grace various graphic tees, while the coordinates and silhouette of Santa Ana’s mountain range appear on several others. A standout shirt, meanwhile, sports various types of minerals found throughout the Californian deserts.

Accompanying its usual garment-dyed and tubular T-shirts, Afield Out is also serving up hoodies, pullover shorts and shorts of the sweat and climbing variety. Realized with various logotypes or splashes of tie-dye, the muted, earthy color palette reflects the subdued deserts that informed much of this drop. Finally, a set of foldable caps, branded Nalgene bottles, adjustable climbing belts and several lightweight nylon compression sacks round out the seasonal affair.

Shop Spring 2021 on Afield Out’s website now.

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