Alfa Romeo Brings the Legendary 33 Stradale Back to Life

Alfa Romeo has brought the iconic 1967 33 Stradale back to life with modern tech and performance upgrades, representing the first custom-built car from the brand since 1969 and it looks stunning.

The reincarnated vehicle utilizes both internal combustion and electric powertrains, with the body echoing the design of the original car. With the design being curated by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, the car retains the proportionate elegance that made its predecessor an icon — including butterfly doors and a wraparound sunroof that adds a theatrical touch.

Its aerodynamically efficient body showcases standout features such as the iconic shield and elliptical-based lighting, with the rear accentuated by a truncated tail, V-shaped graphics and round taillight clusters. Inside, the minimalistic design prioritizes pure driving pleasure, with details reminiscent of the 1967 example.

On the performance front, drivers can anticipate the thrill of 620 hp from a V-6 twin-turbo engine or opt for the BEV configuration, which delivers an increase of 130 hp for a total of 750 hp. The new 33 Stradale boasts a top speed of 206 mph and a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds.

Staying true to its “fuoriserie” (custom-built) heritage, only 33 units will be produced, with each car promising a one-of-a-kind experience. The Alfa Romeo Bottega team, inspired by Renaissance workshops and 1960s coachbuilders, collaborates closely with customers, ensuring that every car is uniquely tailored.

Reflecting on the vehicle’s legacy, Jean-Philippe Imparato, the CEO of the Alfa Romeo brand, said, “With the new 33 Stradale, we wanted to create something that lived up to our past, to serve the brand and to make the Alfisti fandom proud. Such a result could only have been achieved thanks to the expertise, hard work and passion of our team, with the support of management who have the clear ambition to contribute to writing chapters in the brand’s future, in full respect of its unique history.”

Take a glimpse into that history in the video by Alfa Romeo below.

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