As we always say… when in doubt, dance it out!💃🕺

TikTok Makes the Best Song Mashups – Here’s Our Favorite of 2021

I fell in love with song mashups during the riff-off scene in Pitch Perfect. There’s just something about beautiful melodies blending together that sounds so nice — especially when done by amateur DJs on TikTok who do it simply because they love the music. From Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift to Cardi B and Beyoncé, there are some seriously good bops on TikTok. (Basically, Olivia Rodrigo mixed with anything is a treat for our ears.) These beats are so good, you might ditch listening to just one song at a time altogether. Go through the slides ahead to see some of our favorite TikTok song mashups from 2021. Be warned, though, you’re gonna want to dance.

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