Aston Martin and J.Laverack Partner to Offer Highly Customizable .1R Bicycle

Aston Martin is teaming up with British titanium bicycle leader J.Laverack to offer a highly bespoke .1R, a road bicycle meticulously crafted with insights from high-performance automotive designers.

The .1R is described as the most bespoke, advanced and engineered bicycle to date, represented through a blend of 3D-printed titanium lugs and sculpted carbon fiber tubes — created for elevated responsiveness and comfort.

Oliver Laverack, Co-founder of J.Laverack Bicycles, shared “Working with the team at Aston Martin has unlocked new ideas and innovations, the application of which has created a bicycle more advanced than anything currently available on the market. Working in collaboration with Aston Martin we have not only taken our titanium bicycles to new heights but have also unlocked true innovation within the cycling industry, creating a bicycle with unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and performance engineering.”

He further explained that each component of the bike is designed to be part of the whole and fit seamlessly, in order to achieve an “unsurpassed degree of integration,” which lays the foundation for the collaborative boltless design.

“Every component is designed to be part of the whole and to marry perfectly with the adjoining elements, achieving an unsurpassed degree of integration, which lays the foundation for the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R’s boltless design.”

From a technical standpoint, what sets the .1R apart is its blend of form and functionality aimed at elevating the riding experience. The bike features integrated four-piston brake calipers, as opposed to the conventional two, offering greater progression and feel through the levers. Additionally, the .1R’s frame utilizes a combination of Ti 6Al/4V titanium, known for its lively ride qualities and carbon fiber providing the requisite stiffness and responsiveness on varying terrains.

As for design, each bicycle has the opportunity to be truly unique to its rider, as the bespoke configurator allows for customization of the Frame, Brakes, Trim and Chainset. In total, there are 13 different elements of the bicycle that can be customized, with a range of 54 Aston Martin colors to choose from.

While the configurator is open to anyone, build slots are limited, with price and availability available upon request via a dedicated site. Those who do successfully purchase a build are treated to a unique experience at Aston Martin’s HQ in Gaydon, Warwick, UK, where they’ll undergo a full-fitting session with J.Laverack founders.

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