Astro Bot PSVR2 hopes return as Sony registers new trademarks

It looks like Sony is finally getting round to making an Astro Bot: Rescue Mission sequel, or at least some kind of new game for Astro Bot.

The PlayStation VR2 launched all the way back in February and yet in the intervening six months Sony hasn’t announced a single new first party game for it.

They only had one internally developed title ready for launch – the rather dull Horizon: Call Of The Mountain – and yet they’ve not hinted at any others, not even a sequel to the superb Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.

Considering it’s arguably the best VR game ever made, and everyone loved the free Astro’s Playroom that came with the PlayStation 5, that seems like madness but it appears Sony may finally be making up for lost time.

New trademarks have been registered in both Europe and the US and while they don’t talk about any specific games, they do make it clear it’s for ‘video game software’ and not just merchandise.

The lack of detail means there’s no guarantee it’s for a VR title, although given how good Astro’s Playroom was, nobody’s going to complain if it turns out to be just a regular title.

The European trademarks were first noticed by Gematsu, before more were spotted at the US trademark office, in what is clearly a coordinated move.

Coincidentally, it also happened as an article on Japanese site revealed details of a recent presentation at the CEDEC 2023 developer conference, called ‘A Review of PlayStation5 Development.’

One of the slides clearly shows Astro Bot as an example of a VR game and yet no such title has ever been announced.

It’s likely the developer giving the talk just used whatever image was to hand but perhaps they know a new game is development or maybe, like everyone else, they just assume it’s such an obvious idea is must surely be on the way.

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