Blondey McCoy Launches YouTube Channel with 'ON THE RECORD' Playlist

Blondey McCoy has been staying busy over the course of London’s multiple coronavirus lockdowns, prepping drops from THAMES MMXX, working on more see-through adidas Superstar collaborations, premiering an “Unlimited Exercise” skate part and even releasing a series of six monologue-style IGTV videos tackling a wide variety of impactful topics like New Year’s resolutions, the perils of social media, “cloutbusting” and dealing with addiction.

After a widely positive response to the clips, McCoy has started a YouTube channel under the THAMES MMXX umbrella, bringing all six of his conversational “walk and talk” videos and the aforementioned “Unlimited Exercise” part over from Instagram. In a post announcing the new channel, McCoy stated “It seemed only right for these videos to be shared on a platform other than Instagram, given that my criticism of it — and of our dependency upon it — is a recurring theme throughout them. As I promised to in the last installment, I am currently exploring different mediums (including YouTube) through which I can share the type of content that takes longer than 10 seconds to consume, and, I must say, I am genuinely excited about it.” In an email to HYPEBEAST, McCoy also mentioned ” I intend to keep making these videos, and hope they are of some help to people in this difficult time.”

Head to Blondey McCoys’s YouTube channel to check out his full selection of videos.

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