BMW Is Removing Touchscreens From Some Cars Due to Global Chip Shortage

BMW has confirmed that it will be removing the touchscreens from some of its car models due to the global chip shortage that some estimate might last until 2023.

BMW confirmed to both Edmunds and Autoblog that several models will be shipped without touchscreen functionality, including the BMW 3 Series, BMW 4 Series Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe (excluding the i4), BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X7 and BMW Z4.

“As you know, the global chip shortage is ongoing and impacting automakers worldwide,” a BMW spokesperson told Autoblog. “We are actively managing the situation and are in close contact with our suppliers.”

BMW confirmed to Autoblog that customers who accept delivery of a car without a touchscreen will be given a $500 USD credit.

The global shortage of computer chips has led to price hikes and delays to the supply of electronic goods like mobile phones, cars and game consoles. Earlier this year, major chipmakers said it could be years before things return to normal.

In April, Ford, BMW and Honda announced that they would be cutting production due to the crisis. According to Consumer Reports, Cadillac recently said that it would temporarily suspend including its Super Cruise driver assistance system in new Escalade SUVs, while other automakers, including Mitsubishi, Jeep and Dodge, say they will change option packages to account for limited chip stocks.

In other news, Rolls-Royce said it plans to go fully electric by 2030.
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