Build Your Own Imperial Probe Droid With LEGO's Newest Star Wars Collab

LEGO and Star Wars‘ latest collaboration is a quirky Imperial Probe Droid figure.

For those who can’t quite make out where this saw this Star War droid, it’s from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back — “probots” designed for reconnaissance on the ice planet Hoth. Staying faithful to the recon droid’s original depiction, this figure features adjustable legs and comes with a transparent pole so LEGO builders can place it in a snowy scene. Made up of 683 pieces, the figure is roughly 11 inches tall and comes with a bevy of details that closely resembles the droid from the film.

The Star Wars x LEGO Imperial Probe Droid figure is currently available for pre-order on LEGO’s website for $60 USD.

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