Celesto Captures a Spectrum of Emotions in New Range of Fragrances

After garnering success from past apparel collections, fashion label Celesto now unveils its debut fragrance collection. “Oasis,” “Mascara Tears” and “Celebrity Overnight” are the brand’s three new fragrances that deliver notes of sweet vanilla and citrus, bringing a bold story to the entire range.

The “Oasis” fragrance takes the spotlight of the collection with its inviting citrus aroma. Perfect for the warmer months ahead, “Oasis” captures feelings of relaxation and comfort. Presenting a fresh and subtle aroma, the fragrance offers scents that resemble a tropical desert paradise. Next in the collection is the “Celebrity Overnight” fragrance. Invigorating the senses at first contact, notes of a rare oudh blend bring out a sweet and subtle aroma. Hints of vanilla bourbon, amber wood and sandalwood add depth to the fragrance making it perfect for making lasting first impressions.

“Mascara Tears” rounds out the collection and provides a more seductive profile. It features an alluring blend of citrus and spice that’s reflective of passion and confidence when worn. White ambergris and saffron are intertwined with sweet hints of tangerine and Italian bergamot. The mixture adds a layer of depth to this strikingly provocative fragrance.

Celesto- Fragrances from Celesto-Official on Vimeo.

“Oasis,” “Celebrity Overnight” and “Mascara Tears” will be released in 10 ML and 100 ML bottles with prices ranging from €44.00 ($49.00 USD) to €188.00 ($207.00 USD). They are available for purchase at celesto-official.com.
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