Chairs Designed by Gaetano Pesce for Bottega Veneta are now Available

The set design for Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 runway show was a unanimous highlight of the season. Imagined and created by Italian design icon Gaetano Pesce, the technicolor setting caught the eye of design and fashion aficionados alike. Now, you can own a piece of it – as Bottega Veneta is selling off the chairs through Design Miami‘s online shop.

In a collaboration named “Come Stai?” – (“how are you?” in Italian) – the designer and brand came together upon the invitation of Matthieu Blazy, who asked Pesce to create the space for the brand’s show in Milan. The chairs were at the center of the project and signaled a new style for the pioneering designer, who is known for injecting fun and intrigue across all points of his decades-long career.

“What I enjoyed the most with Matthieu was the fact that he was interested in innovation, and when he visited my workshop in Brooklyn I noticed from his eyes that his mind was very inspired by certain things we showed him,” Pesce said in an interview with Design Miami. “It means to me that he is a curious person; curious about new things, about the future and what it can give to us.”1 of 6

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Beyond their colorful exterior and aesthetic presence, the individually designed chairs have a deeper meaning – a concept that is rooted in celebrating diversity and shedding light on the things that set us apart. “Traditionally an object was supposed to be produced in identical copies, but, since the technology finally allowed us to, I suggested making objects one similar to another, not identical, introducing variation into industrial production,” Pesce adds. “In my mind, objects are made for people, and people are similar but never the same.”

Each has been crafted from Resin and made in Italy. Colors, patterns and symbols upon each vary chair to chair – as does pricing, which starts from $6,500 USD. The commission will be presented by Bottega Veneta as a site-specific installation for this year’s Design Miami, which kicks off this year on November 30. The chairs will be available to purchase at the installation, but for those wanting to get their hands on one now, though, you can head to the Design Miami website.

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