Cleon Peterson Releases His Second NFT Collection “So It Goes”

Cleon Peterson took to Instagram to tease his upcoming NFT release So It Goes. As his second NFT collection, the Los Angeles-based artist dives into man’s unquenchable thirst for power and destruction.

The release comprises of drawings open to the public, as well as two collector drawings, an edition of 25 for any previous owners of Peterson’s NFTs and a drawing of three editions for those who own all three editioned pieces. Peterson uses a minimal and bold aesthetic to comment on the corruption that has plagued society since the days of antiquity. In a statement on the release, the artist noted:

These NFTs, shocking at first but eerily ordinary as they repeat, elicit truths that we are all implicated in but would like to deny.

In the end, one tries to ascribe meaning to tragedy. Living with the idea that good should always prevail, it is somehow against nature itself if bad happens. But as we experience the modern world, it’s undeniable that absurdity is at the root of everything, and the best we can do is understand that nothing makes sense, thus “So It Goes.”

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“So It Goes” was created to reward his past collectors. For example, to bid on Eclipse (Black), one must own at least one of Peterson’s NFTs, while Eclipse (Red) requires owning all three (3) of his editioned NFTs. Please visit Nifty Gateway to inquire more.

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