clothsurgeon's Latest Capsule Is Made Using Traditional Burberry Scarves

London-based clothsurgeon has unveiled the latest instalment of its “RECONSTRUCTED PROJECT” that sees the label rework traditional

Founded by Rav Matharu in 2012, clothsurgeon’s upcycling initiative is something the brand has been doing since its inception alongside its bespoke seasonal collections. By taking unused and/or vintage materials and crafting them into new and unique pieces, the brand has garnered a reputation for its precise tailoring in recent years.

Now, taking on the archetypal check Burberry scarf, clothsurgeon delivers a two-piece capsule comprising a round-neck vest and a softly-tailored overcoat. Keeping the original fringe detailing and labels on both — and utilising both woolen and cashmere scarves — the each resulting garment is as innovative as it is luxurious.

Made in London at the clothsurgeon atelier, each piece is available to buy now from the brand’s online webstore.

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