Dad offers ‘highly allergic’ girl ice cream with nuts – because he has EpiPen

With food allergies in kids steadily increasing, more and more parents are having to be careful when protecting their little ones .

In the case of serious allergies , outings and holidays come with an added layer of anxiety – which makes one dad's actions all the more bizarre.

Nikki, a member of staff at a pool bar in a big hotel was recently left open-mouthed with disbelief at a customer's cavalier attitude to his daughter's serious peanut allergy.

"A kid comes to the bar and asks for an ice cream" she wrote on  Reddit .

"The girl whispers 'oh, and I'm allergic'.

"I stopped and asked her to go and get her parents.

"Then, the EP (entitled parent) appears."

Nikki says that alarm bells went off the moment the dad explained his daughter was highly allergic to peanuts.

The girl had been by herself hanging around the pool bar where she could get whatever she wanted, something which Nikki describes as "the first red flag".

Things just went from bad to worse.

Nikki goes through the process of  opening a new ice cream for and giving her a new cup and spoon which had been kept separately from the other utensils.

She adds: "I always explain what I do, I told him everything I have in the bar for her to eat and even explained some information around the hotel for her in case.

"I often get a good reaction for that, thanking for all the information and attention."

"I wash my hands like a doctor before an operation.

"I get the new ice cream and I serve it in a special area so nothing gets contaminated.

"When I finish I give the ice cream to the kid – that is when she asked for a cone."

Unfortunately for the girl, the cones aren't nut free, which Nikki tries to explain, but the youngster is having none of it.

She looks to the dad to help out, which is when he says: "You know what, give her the cone."

Nikki once again tried to explain that his daughter would need her ice-cream in a cup to remove all risk of a serious allergic reaction.

"'I have the Epinephrine injection (EpiPen) here,' he replied 'I will give it to her so she can have that cone –  I will risk it if I want to.'

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