Dapper Laughs and pal share Wetherspoons table number – but soon regret it

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you share your Wetherspoons table number on social media, you're likely to be sent some very random things.

Internet comedian Dapper Laughs, real name Daniel O'Reilly, discovered this the hard way earlier today when visiting The Herbert Wells in Woking with a friend.

His pal, Matt, took to Twitter to tell people where they would be sitting to enjoy their breakfast and encouraged people to "show me what you got".

This ultimately resulted in the pair being inundated with orders, with Daniel forced to urge strangers online to "stop f***ing sending stuff".

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Matt, who posts under the username @TheBadManTips, wrote: "Off to Cheltenham today and just met up with my old mucka @dapperlaughs.

"Grabbing some breakfast at The Herbert Wells, Woking. Table 43. Show me what you got!"

People were quick to reply, sharing screenshots of what they'd ordered the gents.

This included everything from a bowl of mushrooms, beers, a shot of tequila to sausages and peas.

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About an hour after sharing the tweet, Matt asked people to stop buying them things and joked the pub was going to run out of stock if they carried on.

"NO MORE LADS," he said. "You lot are going to run this poor pub out of stock.

"We’re about to move on shortly so don’t waste your money sending anything to an empty table!

"I appreciate the milk, peas and sausages you kindly sent though."

A similar incident occurred recently after a man popped into his local 'Spoons for a quick pint – but was sent over £700 worth of orders.

Posting on Twitter, Karl Phillips, also known as 'The Captain', documented his very bizarre trip to the pub.

It all started at 10:40am on Saturday, when he revealed he'd enjoyed a bit of shopping before stopping off to grab a pint of Doom Bar at The Gold Cape in Mold.

Shortly after he posted this, someone  tweeted  to ask which table Karl was sat at.

He answered "54", but little did he know, that after firing off this tweet, the drinks orders would soon start pouring in.

Shocked by the sudden turn of events, he updated his followers again at 11.14am as the drinks stacked up, writing: "Well f**k dis s**t Jesus wept who keeps sending me drinks they pilling up like f**k lads."

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