Detailed Look at the Illustration Rare Cards From 'Pokémon TCG: Obsidian Flames'

In March of this year, Pokémon TCG entered a new era with the debut of its Scarlet & Violet series. Introducing elements from the latest generation of Pokémon games, the Scarlet & Violet series has already brought forth the Paldea Evolved expansion and now the Obsidian Flames set, with the nostalgia-filled 151 collection coming to the game’s English audience next month.

Having just launched alongside the hosting of the Pokémon World Championships in Japan, a complete breakdown of Obsidian Flames has now been officially shared. Loaded with over 225 cards, the gallery above showcases the illustration rare cards — a designation that often correlates with the most coveted cards from each modern set. From the Pidgey family depicted in a playful art style to a vibrant depiction of Palafin in both its Zero and Hero Forms, a balance between new and old has again been struck. Another highlight include sthe introduction of Tera types, appearing with the set’s most-anticipated card — the special illustration rare Charizard ex. To top it all off, a range of trainer illustration cards are included as the Pokémon TCG universe continues to grow.

Pokémon TCG: Obsidian Flames is available now via the Pokémon Center, select retailers and local card shops with packs starting at just over $4 USD each. For a complete look at the set’s card gallery, be sure to visit the official Pokémon website.

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