Donald Trump Cast As A ‘Killer Clown’ In Jim Carrey’s New Cartoon

Jim Carrey slammed Donald Trump for murdering the truth and weaponizing ignorance with his new cartoon in which he depicted the president as a “Killer Clown” with a golf ball for a nose.

The actor-artist released his latest anti-Trump piece on Twitter Wednesday night after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a futile bid to upend Congress’ certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election win.

In the caption for the picture, Carrey also condemned Republican lawmakers who have supported Trump’s increasingly desperate bids to overturn the result.

“Today’s defilement of the Capitol dome is the harvest of Republican negligence and outright sedition from the top down,” the “Kidding” star wrote. “The chronic symptoms of a corrupt President and Senate are now in full effect.”

Carrey concluded with a message for Biden, who he played on “Saturday Night Live” before the election. “Sorry Joe,” he wrote. “This clown made you a wartime president whether you like it or not.”





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