Drake Sports Hair Accessories Possibly Hinting at 'For All the Dogs' Release Date

With the anticipation for his upcoming album continuously brewing, Drake may have dropped a hint pointing at the release date of For All the Dogs.

The Boy recently took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of the back of his head, showing his braids adorned with colorful hair accessories in the form of numbers: 0922. Fans took this as a sign for a September 22 release date, which does support Drake’s previous statements that the album will be dropping soon. “It’s not going to be that much longer, trust me. I’m finishing it up,” he said in late August. “You know I got shows everybody. But I promise you, For All the Dogs is on the way. If you never loved anything I’ve ever done in the past, I promise you, this album will be for you. It’ll be worth the wait.”

The record was rumored to drop on August 25 after Amazon Music posted and deleted a tweet “confirming” that release date.

Stay tuned for an official announcement.

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