East and West Inspirations Merge on the Canvas in Sapporo's New Documentary Series

A new installment of Sapporo’s Convergence of Cultures campaign covers visual artists who find inspiration in combining unexpected influences. The mini-documentary follows two artists whose work is driven by unique ideas that spark when East meets West. Drawing parallels between these artists’ work and the mix of German brewing techniques and Japanese artistry in Sapporo’s heritage, watch the video to learn more.

The artists in the video from Sapporo include Whole9, a Japanese artist duo, and Doc, an American graffiti writer from Chicago. Whole9 creates abstract paintings influenced by street art while Doc is fascinated by Japanese animation and channels that come through in his work. Doc explains how being immersed in East and West cultures has helped to elevate his creativity and keep a balanced approach to his work. “Global connections are important to art and creativity otherwise you lose out on things that can influence you,” he says.

When viewed together, the two artists’ practices show how elements from different cultures can be incorporated into a unique piece of work. Being receptive to multiple cultures reflects in Whole9’s large-scale murals, which include a variety of expressions and art forms. “I love the feeling of discovering other artists’ work and learning from it, allowing my perspective to broaden,” he says. The featured artist duo, which includes Hitch and Simo, also discuss how cultural fusion can help to transcend differences in language and communication. “Through art, you’re able to communicate with people from anywhere in the world. Even without language,” says Whole9.

Discover new creators who are also inspired by the meeting of East and West by heading to Sapporo’s YouTube page to watch more documentaries in its Convergence of Culture campaign.

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