Emily In Paris fans: we finally have a delightful glimpse at season 3

Pop the Champére: we finally have a glimpse at the third season of Netflix’s hit series Emily In Paris.

After the success of the second instalment of hit romcom series Emily In Paris, Netflix previously announced that it has greenlit another two seasons.

Now, we finally have a long awaited glimpse at the third series. In the first look images, it looks like romance is in full bloom, there are more gorgeous fashion looks to be bowled over by and quite frankly, we couldn’t be more excited.

In a video uploaded to the official Emily In Paris Instagram account in January, the news of the extra two seasons was shared alongside a colourful compilation of moments from Emily’s time in Paris.

The news came in the wake of the December 2021 premiere of season two. Starring Lily Collins as marketing executive Emily Cooper, the series follows the Chicago native through her adventures in work and love in the French capital.

If you devoured all 10 episodes of the sophomore run, which saw Emily navigating a tricky love triangle between her neighbour Gabriel and her French friend Camille, then you’ll know that things were complicated further when Emily’s boyfriend Alfie revealed he was moving back to London. Instead of accepting Alfie’s offer of a long distance relationship, Emily decided to tell Gabriel that she loves him, only to find out that he’d reconciled with his ex-girlfriend.

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The finale concluded with a major cliffhanger which saw Emily uncertain whether to extend her stay in Paris and join her boss Sylvie at a new marketing firm, or return to America. By the end of the episode, though, she’s made her choice.

“Hi Sylvie, it’s me. I’ve made my decision,” Emily says briefly before the credits roll.

While there’s no word yet on what the third season might mean for Emily and her love interests, or when it might come to Netflix, it’s safe to say that Lily Collins is very excited to film another set of episodes.

On Instagram, Collins celebrated the news with a series of selfies, joking in the caption about whether her character would approve of her fashion choices.

“I can’t tell if Emily would love or hate this announcement outfit, but she’d be screaming either way,” the actor wrote. “Truly love you all, thanks so much for the incredible support. Seriously cannot wait for more. Merci Beaucoup!!…”

The renewal of the Emmy-nominated show comes after the second season debuted in first place on Netflix’s Top 10 in more than 90 countries, with an estimated 107.6 million viewers in less than a week. Say what you want about Emily Cooper, but that’s certainly confirmation that fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to Paris any time soon.

The first two seasons of Emily In Paris are streaming now on Netflix.

Images: Netflix

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