Ex-YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun-suk booked for provision of sexual services

SEOUL – Last month, Yang Hyun-suk stepped down from leading YG Entertainment after its artists were ensnared in a long-running K-pop scandal.

While that move placated K-pop fans, it has not shielded him from the police. On Wednesday (July 17), they booked him as a suspect for providing sexual services to foreign investors in 2014.

The soompi portal reported that he is also alleged to have arranged for social escorts to accompany the investors on a holiday in Europe that year.

Yang, 49, who faced nine hours of questioning by the police last month over the issue, has maintained that he is innocent.

YG has masterminded the careers of big names BigBang, Blackpink and Psy before he left to start his own agency.

Two artists under YG – Seungri and iKon’s B.I. – quit show business this year after they were hauled up for procurement of prostitutes and drug-taking respectively.

Shares of the company, which Yang started in 1996, have also taken a hit.

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