Exclusive: Read the Chilling First Chapter of Michele Campbell's The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Michele Campbell’s The Wife Who Knew Too Much doesn’t hit bookshelves until June 2020, but since we’re basically chomping at the bit with anticipation for the upcoming thriller, she graciously shared not only a great look at the cover, but also an excerpt to give us a taste of what’s to come. Are we blessed, or are we blessed?

The book has already drawn comparisons to the viral podcast (and TV series) Dirty John, and for good reason. The story follows Tabitha Girard, who’s never been able to forget the passionate Summer fling she had years earlier with the handsome, preppy Connor Ford. When they end up crossing paths, however, Connor reveals his current wife Nina — neurotic, wealthy, controlling — has taken her own life, and now they’re free to pursue the love that sparked between them as teenagers. But this is a thriller, remember? So it doesn’t take long for Tabitha to discover a startling, deeply unsettling secret that suggests Connor had something to do with Nina’s death. Uh-oh.

Campbell, who’s responsible for buzzy titles like A Stranger on the Beach and It’s Always the Husband, clearly has another intriguing mystery on her hands. Dive into an excerpt from her novel, below!

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