Fallout TV series set pics look exactly like the games

Thanks to The Last Of Us companies are already desperate for the next video game hit and that looks like it could be Amazon’s Fallout.

After the Sonic The Hedgehog and Uncharted movies started the ball rolling, The Last Of Us has now officially made live action video game adaptations the hottest thing in Hollywood. And that’s going to mean studios scrambling over themselves to sign up every half successful game they can think of.

Several promising productions were already underway before The Last Of Us debuted and we’ve already seen leaked and official set photos of Amazon’s Fallout show.

They were all of the fallout shelter itself though, which led some to speculate that the show might be primarily, or solely, set in the vault – but newly leaked photos of exterior sets prove otherwise.

The photos are of what is clearly a Red Rocket petrol station, featured prominently in the marketing for Fallout 4 and the first home base you make for yourself in the game.

It’s so close to the games you could almost mistake it for a screenshot, with the Nuka-Cola logo clearly on display and the familiar retro-futuristic 50s style vehicles from the games.

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