For KidSuper’s SS22 Collection, Brand Founder Colm Dillane Asks “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?”

Over the years, producing a fashion show has seemingly become formulaic. If you choose a scenic venue, create a modern set, hire some top models, and invite some A-list attendees, then you have a successful show. But as the pandemic has largely shifted the possibilities of in person shows, forcing the industry to explore virtual means, a greater possibility for creativity has occurred. With the return of in person shows on the horizon, Colm Dillane wanted one last hurrah with the limitless possibilities that virtual shows have to offer.

To showcase KidSuper’s spring/summer 2022 collection, Dillane shifts the focus away from big budgets and places it on feelings and emotions. In exploring this redirection, Dillane decides to ask people what they want to do before they die and help them to do it. Setting up a booth in New York City’s infamous Washington Square Park, the KidSuper team went to work.

In the 18-minute long short film, the collection is on full display through a number of scenarios such as skydiving, enjoying precious time with family, traveling the world, enjoying a candlelit dinner date, singing on a mountain, performing at the St. George Theatre, and more. Through these series of dreams come to life, the SS22 collection is showcased through runway modeling as well as the very performance of each dream’s action.

A beautifully poetic way to exhibit a collection, Dillane showcases the many lives clothes can have and just how important a role they play with their wearer. Transcending the typical runway show where models walk down the runway and return backstage, Dillane’s collection film tells a much more personal story by breathing life into the clothes he puts into the world, reminding us all of just how important it is to live.

See some of the collection looks in the gallery above and the entire collection in the “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die” film.

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